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There are many other construction needs besides office and retail space. Industries, warehouses and investment properties also need construction services, upgrades and maintenance. At Core we have a wide experience with new installation and remodeling of Computer rooms, mail rooms, receiving areas, employee break rooms and restroom facilities within Industrial use structures. Core also demo’s existing tenant spaces, after the tenant’s departure, and return’s the space back to a clean “vanilla box” ready for the next tenant. And let’s not forget the side construction that often accompanies moving to, expanding or updating all types of spaces. New parking lots or updated parking spaces may be needed. Handi-cap lifts and ramps may be ADA required. Loading docks may need to be dismantled or installed. At Core, we are proud to help you with your needs, no matter how small. Give us a call. Together we can negotiate a price to get you up and running in no time.

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